Notes from the Elves

Fun THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride activities

With children being home from school indefinitely, as parents we are all looking for ways to keep our children entertained, educated and happy. But for all the Believers out there – how can we help our children make sure they stay Nice and not Naughty during this time of big changes THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train […]

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Where to stay when visiting THE POLAR EXPRESS?

Extend the Magic! We can’t wait to welcome you to the magical Polar Express Train Ride at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. It’s an experience that many guests last year would agree can make your child’s Christmas! As a result, we have had visitors travelling all over the country for the experience at Wensleydale. […]

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“All aboard! Well, you coming?” New this December, Wensleydale Railway in Yorkshire is proud to present the memory-making marvel that is THE POLAR EXPRESS™! Your family can now hop aboard this awe-inspiring steam train. Located conveniently off the A1 in Leeming bar, begin the journey of a lifetime. Enlighten your senses to the Christmas experience […]

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Last Updated February 2021. As we prepare to welcome travellers for the 2021 season, the fabulous Wensleydale elves are not the only ones busy. Did you know there are currently 4 other THE POLAR EXPRESS™ locations in the UK? Seaton Tramway in the south, Mid Norfolk Railway in the east and Telford and Birmingham in […]

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What’s the boy’s name on the Polar Express and...

One of the most common questions asked about the Polar Express is ‘what is the boy’s name on Polar Express’? The answer is, no-one knows! He is never named in the film and in the credits, he is referred to only as ‘Hero Boy’. Here is a list of some of the main Polar Express […]

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Make the most of out your Polar Express Train Ride

When you’ve decided what day you will be climbing aboard the Polar Express train ride at Wensleydale, you might be wondering what else there is to do in the area. Our Yorkshire Christmas experience will be the highlight of your day but there is plenty to see and do around the area. The scenic area […]

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