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“All aboard! Well, you coming?” New this December, Wensleydale Railway in Yorkshire is proud to present the memory-making marvel that is The Polar Express! Your family can now hop aboard this awe-inspiring steam train. Located conveniently off the A1 in Leeming bar, begin the journey of a lifetime. Enlighten your senses to the Christmas experience to top all others. Book your Polar Express tickets today!

Our amazing team of chefs will serve the richest hot chocolate and tastiest cookies you have had all year whilst singing and dancing. The conductor stamps your ticket, resulting in a shower of smiles all round (and The Polar Express ticket punches all over your table.)

Just as you think you couldn’t be happier, this steam-powered smile-giver will come to a halt… You’re not dreaming; you’ve made it to the North Pole! Now for the most memorable part of your experience- Santa Clause is on board! The ringing of bells dances around the carriage as your child’s eyes grow wide- they believe…. And so do you! Santa greets them and gives them their first gift of Christmas, a beautiful silver bell! Be sure to check for holes in their pockets before you leave!

A wave of sentimentality overcomes you as the train begins on it’s return to the station. What an experience at The Polar Express at Wensleydale. But it’s not quite over yet! Once you have disembarked the train, you are greeted by one of Santa’s pesky elves who challenges you to enter the Naughty-or-Nice scanner. Even Grandma is on the list! Finally, you can visit our extravagant gift shop and buy official Polar Express memorabilia to remind you of your trip all year long!

Bells will ring, your children will sing, and you may even shed a tear; it is the most wonderful time of the year! Make your 2019 one to remember- come on The Polar Express at Wensleydale Railway this Christmas! Get your Polar Express tickets now to avoid disappointment.